Dreamline Advantage

“Our optimized offering along with the delivery methodology brings various advantages to our clients. Team Dreamline, equipped by industry and technical expertise, ensures optimal and relevant utilization of resources. Our foolproof designs and compliance audits prevent the occurrence of repeated work and wastage of resources due to delay in delivery”

Dreamline Advantage

Continuing ownership

We take responsibility of every Safety & Security system of our clients w.r.t proper functioning, routine maintenance, timely upgrades etc. We mentor all Safety & Security activities of our clients like compliance inspections, audits, trainings, drills, framing policies & procedures, incident reporting & investigations etc. We also assist in security force selection, recruitment and training.

Low cost Implementation

With a wide range of long term technical partnerships with many well known brands in the industry, we are committed to offer the best price quote in the market for all safety & security related products and systems. As we single handedly manage all systems and processes, we reduce cost by removing redundant and repetitive tasks and procedures.

Integrated System Monitoring

Our Safety & Security System Management Software ‘ManageIT’, help our clients monitor the condition and maintenance of all the systems in their premises integrated to one touch point. The functionality also includes tracking of maintenance history and emergency breakdown reporting. This cloud based software also contain daily usage tools for improving productivity.

Virtual Inspector System

‘Virtual Inspector’ is our integrated live system monitoring functionality offered as an extensibility to ‘ManageIT’ software. It is a highly secured virtual ‘Commanding Station’ whereby users can view live vital information about all the systems through web. Data from all the PLC panels and other sensors are integrated and uploaded through WIFI modules based on IOT concept.

Single Window Quick Support

We provide round the clock malfunction and breakdown support for all systems covered under project. Our technical team is well trained on all systems, which eliminates the manufacturer dependency roadblock during emergency. Our software based malfunction reporting system enables clients to track the live status. We ensure our team attends the issues in minimum time.

Business Continuity Program

BCP is a proactive approach to eliminate unexpected breakdown and malfunction of systems. It involves preventive maintenance and on-time repair practices through routine monitoring for smooth functioning and extended life of systems. It prevents unexpected glitches and related consequences including compromised security, loss of reputation and financial losses.